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Thursday, September 12, 2013

Educated, Religious and Rich Young Men Are Involved In Extortion For Defunct Groups

According to the reports of police and law-enforcing agencies, highly educated, religious and young people belonging to rich families are involved in extortion and kidnapping activities. Most of them relate to defunct groups. Among the people arrested for illegal activies, 25 are post graduates. An official of anti-terrorist squade told on the condition of anonymity that young men recently arrsted in the case of kidnapping of two business men from Lahore and Sheikhupra, five persons have BSc mechanical engineering degrees while two have BSc computer science. Police official told that thse people have extremists' religious mentality and they do not do the kidnapping for ransome for personal benefits but they do it to help their groupd financially. Police had arrested a person from hostel of Punjab University who belonged to Al-Qaeda. A group of five-persons had planned to kidnall the children of politician for heavy ransom money. A group of Uzbek people is involved in kidnapping for ransom in Punjab, and their leader Naimat Ullah was involved in kidnapping Shahbaz Tasir the son of former Punjab governor. These Uzbek people also belong to Tehreek e Taliban. Police official told that now the businessmen of Lahore, Gujranwala, Sialkot and Faisal Abad have started receiving extortion chits and phone calls. While, prior this only Karachi traders used to receive the chits. The demands of the extortionists and kidnappers is not in thousands or lakhs but in millions. Is there any government? What and why government recovers taxes from the business community while it can not give them security and protection from kidnappers and extortionists.,?

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