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Wednesday, September 4, 2013

Tight Jeans Have Been Banned For Muslim Women In Indonesian Province

Tight pants for Muslim women and short pants for Muslim men have been banned in Indonesian province Achay. The administrator Ramley Mansoor of western district of the province said wearing tight pants exhibits body parts that is not allowed in Islam. If any body violated the orders police will fix punishment for him/her. On other side majority of the people are against this restriction, who say the ban in a smaller part of the country negates the democracy. Locasl and religious leaders have lauded the restrcitions while Human Rights Watch of International Human Rights Organization has criticised the local laws and termed them against the freedom of expression. It is noteworthy that under an agreement between federal government and Achay separatists, Achay was given regional freedom, after which Laws of Islamic Sharia were implemented in the province. Interior ministry has so far stopped laws based on Islamic norms/moral values, but no law has been intrrupted in Achay.

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