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Thursday, September 19, 2013

Bigg Boss 7: Last Chance For Inmates To Make It Big In Enertainmen Industry

Sana Khan, Sunny Leone and Santosh Shukla are some of the personaliies whose careers received a new boost of life after they participated in Indian reality show "Bigg Boss". Adult film star Sunny lerone managed o bag a plum role in Mahesh Bhatti's film 'Jism 2' while she was in the Bigg Boss house during he 5th season and that marked her entry in B-Town. Sana Khan and Santosh Shukla, who participated in ' Bigg Boss 6' will be seen alondide Salman Khan's forthcoming movies. Bigg Boss has often acted as lauching pad for those who copuld not make it big in the Indian entertainment industry and were even flash in the pan at some point of the time and faded away because of lack of offers. This seasson, too, the faded celebs who could not make it big in the tinsel town have grabbed at the opportunity to reverse their fortunes. Actor Tanisha Mukherjee, Hazel Keech, Armaan Kohli and Apoorva Agnihotri failed to impress audience wih their acing skills. Their hopes are pinned on making it big with this reality show even as the enered he hose of 'Angels and Demons' in Bigg Boss 7. Tanisha comes with a rich Bollywood legacy. Daughter of legendary actress anuja, sister of one of the most successful actresses, Kajol, Tanisha failed to impress during her Bollywood outing. Armaan Kohli's story is no different. He received several opportunities in movies such as 'Kohra 1992 and 'Dushmani' 2002. However, his films failed to make impact on the box office. Bigg Boss 7 could be that final opportunity for him. Apoorva Agnihotri and Hazel Keech both made their debute with super hit movies but were not able to encash their fame. While, Apoorva made his debute with 1996 release 'Pardese'. Hazel was the supporting artist in Salman Khan's Bodyguard 2011. Moving on, it must be mentioned here that 'Bigg Boss 7' is not all about losers and final opporuniies. There are contestants in the house who have not really bitten dust yet and have a lot to offer to the film industry. So, it is a ltlle surprise to find them in the house. One such participant is model Gauhar Khan, who made headlines wih her horrifing wardrobe malfuntions on the ramp during a fasion event. she did not le the incident get her off the public memor.her item numberr 'jhalta Walla' from 'Ishqzadee' was a chartbuster and still blares loudly at beetle leaves {Paan} shops in Inmdia. So what made her tuirn to Bigg Boss 7 while we wait for the answer on that one, it is definete that she will add some much-neederd spice in the house.

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