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Sunday, September 22, 2013

salaman Khan Favored Katrina' Bikini Pictures

When cripsy Katrina Kaif asttended Salama's Ganpati celebration everyone present during ther festive were taken a back. Guests present during the rituals disd not expect Salman's ex-girlfriend to come, not after the Randhir Kapoor revelation. Well now it is knownb from where Katrina mustered her courage. It is Sal,am who showed that he still cares and is protectve about his ex-girlfriend. The actor who was so far ignoring question on Katrina's leaked bikini pictures, openly spoke in favor of diva. Salman Khan suprised everyone ans come out in support of Katrina Kapoor over her bikini pictures with Randir Kappor at Ibiza. When the actor was asked to react on the episode, Salman Khan even questioned the reporter, "How would you react if a picture of your sister, mother or boyfreind gets leraked on the media like this? And if you do not like the pictures of your family being publicly leaked, so Katrina will also not like it" "Doing something like this in films is fine, but exposing someone's personal life publicly is not good, and even is not the media's right." The actor feels that printing such personal pictures was uincalled for" There is no harm in printing or public appearance parties but exposing someones personal life like this is a shameless act" Interstingly Katrina's current love Randhor Kapoor could not defende her as nicely as Salman did. Looks Rabdir should learn tricks from Salman to handle tricky questions.

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