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Thursday, September 12, 2013

Bollywood's Comedy "Grand Masti" Faces Censorship In UAE

While actors Vivek Oberi and Aftab Shivadasani are busy plugging their latest Bollywood comedy "Grand Masti", in India, their supoosed laugh-riot hass been Axed in UAE. The UAE censor board has stalled the release dur to movie's 'adult contents'. The Director of the Media Contant Tracking Department at The National Media Council, Juma Obaid Ali Leem said that his team watched the movie and they had filed a report which clearly stated that movie featured bad words and objectionable scenes. He added that movie will be reviewed again and a final decision will be made. He said" If we think the movie can be released with few cuts we will inform the distributors" Juma informed that UAE had a large number of family audience and it would be unfair to subject them to such offensive type of scenes.The film's UAE distributors have informed the cinemas and they have deleted the movie from tgheir weekly show timings. They easoned the vulgare contents of the movie. According to the Indian media, the court has stalled the release of 'Grand Masti' in Punjab, Haryana and Chandigasrh, after the objections were raised over its "obscene scenes and double meaning dialogues". Grand Masti is Inder Kumar's sequel to his hot 2004 adult comedy 'Masti'. It is also touted as Bollywood's 'Grand Take' on adult comedies like "Americam Pie" and Boogies cNights". The movie's two-minute-trailer showcases innumerable obsecenes images and double-meaning lines that are extremely over-the-top.

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