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Wednesday, September 11, 2013

Package For The Foreign Wives Of Saudi Husbands Has Been Announced

Saudi govenment has announced an examparay package of the wives married to Saudi Husbands. Withthe implementaion of this packege the foreign wives will get equal status in the society at par with local wives. These women will now be ligible for getting jobsin private sector like permanent felame citizens of Dausi ASrabia. According to Alarbia dot net, foreign mothers of Saudi children will now would need "Kafeel" {sponsor} to stay in the Kingdom. Government will be bound to provide them "Aqama" {permit} to stay any where in the Kingdom. Saudi Information minister Dr Abdul Azizsaif foreign wives of Saudi husbands will have equal rights in the ducation, social and social sectors. This order might have been dictated by the "boss' because many Saudis are married to Ameicans and European wives. How the "boss"orders could be ignored.

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