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Saturday, September 14, 2013

Indian Cricketers Banned For Life In Match Fixing Case

Indian Cricket Board has banned cricketers Sree Santh and Ankeet Chavan for life after the spot fixing allegations were prooved against them. While, Ameet and Sadarath will not be able to any kind of cricket for 5 and 1 year, respectively. These cricketers were accused of corruption in Indian Premier League. In the meeting of desciplianary committee of BCCI held in New Delhi on Friday, Roni Swami presented the report about the spot fixing allegation against the Indian players in the 6th edition of Indian Premier League this year. After seeing the report, and evidences BCCI sentenced the cricketers. While, Harmeet Singh was freed having no enough evidences of spot fixing against him. The decision against Ajeet Chandaila player of Raghistan Royals could not be given as Swami has yet to probe into the case. BCCI said the these players have defamed the country involving themselves in the spot fixing while they have been trained for not doing the corruption in matches. They have been punished to set an example for others. No player was so innocent that he could not know about the results of doing such an act. It is noteworthy that in May, during the 6th edition of IPL match police had arrested the three players in a special operation for spot fixing. New Delhi police had also arrsted 16 gamblers, later Mambaipolice arrsted Guru Nath Mopin, son-n-law of Shree Nawasan , the owner of another IPL team Chennai Super Kings and the president of BCCI. Actor Dawar Singh was also arrsted with Guru Nath. The name of Raj Kandara, the owner of Rajhistan Royals was also heard in this regard. The players were accused of receiving Rs.6 million for giving more runs during an over. The former IPL player Ameet Singh was also arrsted for having contacts with these three cricketers. Later the cricketers confessed the allegations against them. Swami had informed these plarers three days ahead of his of presenting his report.

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