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Wednesday, September 11, 2013

Ali Haidar Gilani Was Sold To Taliban For Rs 200 Million By The Kidnappers

The kisnapped son of former prime ministr Ali Haidar Gilani is with Tehreek E Taliban in Teerah of South Waziristan. The leaders of The Tehreek demanded Rs 60 million to release video about his present condition. A sensitive agency told the media that he was kidnapped from Multan onn May 9, 2013 when he was busy in election compaign. A group of Punjab Taliban called {LT} after kidnapping him sold to Taliban for Rs. 200 million. Sources says that the central leader belngs to Almansoor Brigade of Taliban who hails from Kohat. Former MNA from Kohat Javed Ibrahim Piracha is playing pivital role for revering Ali Haidar. Two weeks ago Yousuf Raza Gilani met Javed Piracha in his house in Islamabad's secor F- 10 and discussed about the recovery of Ali Haidar. It is also known that Taliban have presented some conditions too for the release of Ali Haidar that include the releasing some Taliban leaders.

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