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Sunday, September 15, 2013

The Issue Of "Halala" To Solve Divorce Problem Is Becoming Critical In England

According to Islamic Sharia "Halala" is a process under which a divorcee wife if wants to remarry her ex husband then she will have to tie knot/ become bride of another man for a night and then divorced by second husband can remarry former husband. It is, of course, an aweful and shameful act, so, our prophet Hazrat Muhammad Mustafa Ahmad Mujtaba {PBUH} has termed divorce the "most unliked act". The emotional husbands divorce their wives three times on some minor domestic issue and then regret for the future of their children, but one divorced he can not make her wife till divotcee woman marries another man and spends a night with him {intercourse is compusory}. To misuse this issue some so-called religious maulvis in England have established "Halala" centers and appointed their agents and provide the services of marrying the women for a night. But, these center owners exploit the women sexually in the name of halala and are molested, they also hand over these women to their agents too. Though, there is written agreement between the ex husbands and maulvis to return the women after a night but maulvis keep these women for several days by making many excuses and the women are physically used by many men. Some maulvis return the women for huge money, but the women loses respect at home and in the family. The certified religious scholars are not highlighting this issue because they fear the defamation of Muslim community who has already bad iomage in the British society. Therefore, to avoid this shameful process husbands are to be careful in divorcing wives and must solve their domestic problems with mutual understanding and reconcialation. Other, they will have to face the most shameful process of undergoung Halala, if they would remarry their divorced wives. And the divorced women when returns to her husband has no respect and dignity.

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