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Thursday, September 5, 2013

Indian Writer Shameeta Banerjee Killed In Afghanistan

Indian writer Shameeta Banerjee has been killed in Afghan province Paktia by militants. She written a story about fleeing from Taliban's prison in 55 that got very popular. She was running a medical dispensary in Afghanistan and was living there after marrying an Afghani. Bollywood had picturized a film "Escape From Taliban" in 2003. Her character was performed ny Koerala. Forty-nine -year Shameeta was well known in India due to her utobiography, " Aek Kabli Walay Ki Bengali Beevee" { A Bangla wife of an Afghani}. Inher biography she had written the events of life with her husband Janbaaz Khan and escape from Taliban arrest. She had written that life was bearable before the Taliban in but after Taliban came they closed her dispendary and labelled her as a 'bad character woman'. She also fled to Islamabasd but brothers of her husband searched her out and took her to Afghanistan.

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