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Thursday, September 5, 2013

Chinese Army Has Taken Full Control Of Laddakh, Common Border With India

India National Security agencies have presented report to Indian prime minister Man Mohan Sigh and revealed that Chinese military has taken full control of the Laddakh border attached to India, and have banned the routine patrol of Indian security forces. Report says that Chinese Libration Army is moniteering the border and Indian army can not dare to patrol the border. The head of the advisory board has disclosed that Chinese army has full hold of the border and the situation is very critical but Indian government is silent and have no courage to raise the protest even. This is the situation of 60's when China demanded its "sheep" and coward Indian handed over them the sheep but China said the color of Sheep was black. Now India is violating LoC and shelling Pakistani mimlitary and China will again demand "Sheep" the color of them is not known yet. Woh. Poor Indians. They are in hot waters.

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