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Monday, September 9, 2013

USA Has Finalized Strategy To Attack Syria, 50 Targets Have Been Fixed

PENTAGON has completed planning for long term and heavy attacks on Syria. According to Los Angeles Times Merica will target 50 places in Syria. First of all presidential palace will be targetted then military installations would be attacked. Pentagon has planned to complete aerial attacks on 50 targets within three days. Misiles have been installed on the war planes on the warships present in Mditerranean sea. Obama will meet the anchor persons of three prominent news channels and will adress the nation today. British foreign minister William Hague has said that strict rection should be expressed against the use of chemical weapons. He said in twenty-first century the use of chemical weapons is an evil and the world must stand against this evil. On other protests have been held held against the USA's attack on Syria in several big cities of theUSA like Boston, Chicago and Washington. The Labanese and Syrians protested in front of American embasssy in Beirut against possible American attack on Syria. Syrian foreign minister will visit Moscow today to discuss about the possible attack of the USA with his counterpart. A panel of American Congress has released the video of citizens who died with the use of chemical or poisnous gas, to justify the attack on Syria. According to the foreign sources Intelligence comittee of American senate has been shown 13 graphic videos of the syurians died in alleged poisnous gas attack.

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