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Sunday, September 15, 2013

Military Should Be Called Backs, Prisoners Must Be Released Then We Will Talk--- TTP

Spokeperson Shahid Ullah Shahid of Defunct Tehreek E Pakistan has said that government should proove its sincerity and power before any talks can be held. TTP said if government called the military back from tribal areas ans releases our leaders then we can believe that government is sincere in its talks. They said that government should create conducive environment for talks that our leaders can trust as this government has deceived us before. On other side today on Sunday Taliban accepted the responsibilty of martyring two high ranking army officers. How the people of Pakistan would believe that the dialogue with Taliban willbe successful. There are so many different groups within Taliban, to whom government will talk. They have conflicts among themselves. The process of talks with Taliban is too complex. However, it means that Taliban want to hold talks on their own terms and conditions. How the army could withdraw its troups from tribal areas when Taliban are continueing killing of army officers. If forces are withdrawn from tribal areas then the ara will be on the mercy of Taliban and they will create another Swat there and establish their rule. Taliban mean for showing of sincereity and independence by government for the talks is that it should not involve army in talk process. It can never be done nor the dialogue seemsto be held.

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