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Friday, September 6, 2013

Fifty Thousand Saudis Do Not Know Arabic

Centuries old tribes in Saudi Arabia are keeping their traditions as well their languages alive. These include 50,000 'Hameera' language speaking people who do not know Arabic. The experts say about Hameera language that it was the language of 'Aad' tribe of prophet Noh { AS}. Similarly, the people of 'Almehra' tribe are keeping their Mahra language alive and use it in reading and writing, however, they know Arabic but give it secondary status. Historians and linguistic experts term 'Hameera' and 'Mehra' languages among the ancient languages of ther world. The notables of Almera tribe say that their language is 3000 years old and it was spoken for centuries. The writing of Mehra language resemles Arabic and 28 Arabic alphabets are used in the Mehra in addition to three more alphabets they use.

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