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Monday, September 9, 2013

Zardari Will Get Pension, VVIP Protocol, Free Accomodation And Other Previleges As Former President For Life Long

The office of the president is the highest constitutional office in the country and former presidents get masny facilities. Completing his presidential tenure of 5 years, Asif Ali Zardari will also receive VVIP protocol, security, 85 percent of the pay as pension, Rs. 20,000 allowance, free accomodation or Rs 50,000 as house rent, free telephone calls worth Rs. 72,000 annually, 2,000 units free electricity, and 10 HM3 gas, for whole life. Under the presidential pension act former president gets Rs.100,000 for shifting of house and purchase of books. Former president and his wife get diplomatic passport while there is no tax on their previleges. Former president can keep arms and ammunition with out licence and their stays in all the circuits and guest houses is free. Zardari will also have a private secretary of grade 17 to 18, one security guard, one driver and a cook. Retired president and his family members have the facility of free medical treatment in the foreiogn countries. However,only that president deserve the facilities who completes at least two years of his tenure as president. While president removed unlawfully is not legible for the facilities.

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