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Friday, September 20, 2013

Vice Chancellor Punjab University Kamran Mujahid's Scandals?

The love affair and marriage of vice chancellor Kamran Mujahid of the largest educational institution of Pakistan with his colleague Shazia Qureshi is known to every body, but now he is busy in trapping his students. hus his black feats have come to light. When the chairman of the Department of physics proceeded on long leave to America, Kamran Mujahid managed to take over as acting head of physics department and assigned teaching reposnsibilities to his special students who did not get Master's degrees yet. When a beareded employee of the department saw him acting indescently with the students, Kamran Mujahid got so angry hat he beat and pulled the beard of the employee. He employed Shahida, Mansoora and SDamera Watoo to teach the students of physicsdepartment while these students have taken part two exam yet and result is not out. If it is so and the events narrated by the employee are correct,the V C sholud be removed from the post immediately and enquiry must be conducted in this regars. Meanwhile, the charge of VC ship be handed over to anoher senior professor to avoid ant influence of the vc on the enquiry.

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