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Saturday, September 14, 2013

Pakistani Film "Zinda Bhag" Has Been Nominated For Oscar Award

Pakistani film "Zinda Bhag" has been nominated for Oscars from Pakistan this year. The film will be sent in the category of best foreigh films. The chairperson, film producer and Oscar awarded Obaid Sharmain Chennai told that "Zinda Bhag" willbe sent to Oscar Academy thisd year. This will be the first Pakistani feature film that will be sent to Oscar academy. An Osar Committee in Pakistan was constituted headed by Obaid Sharmain that received film nominations and examined them. Indian actor Nasir ud Din Shah played central role in the film, Mazhar Zaidi id the producer while film has been directed by Maeno Gora and Farja Dunbi. Mazhatr Zaidi nhas said in the past that he was thankful to Naseer Ud Din Shah who not only performed in the film but held a training workshop for the actors that helped a lot. This is second film nominated for Oscar Awards. "Ghoghat" film released in 1963 wasalso nominated for the Oscars but it could not get the award.

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