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Saturday, September 28, 2013

Are General Kiani's Services Extended For One More Year?

The meetings of Gen Ashfaq Parvez Kiani with Chaudhary Nisar and Shahbaz Sharif are taken as very important, which have risen a question whether gen Kiani's tenure is extended for more year? Sources say that the role of Kiani in security affairs, especially elimination of terrorism, under consideration process of talks with Taliban, Karachi operation and regional situation, can not be overlooked. However, Gen Kiani or his closed sources never hinted directly or indirectly toward this matter and Gen Kiani has no intention to get his tenure extended. But federal government cosiders that to steer the country out of critical situation extending his tenure of service will be in the best interest of the nation. Sources say that the mater is undr consideration on the higher ranks. However, the final decision will be done afte Prime minister returns from the USA. High level is also thinking about making chairman of joint chiefs of staff or to continue his tenure as army chief for one year more. It is also important that PML(N) never expressed its reservation about Gen Kiani and and takes him as purely professional army chief. His thinkings about national issues, security affairs, national defence are clear and according to national interests. So under the current situation his services are needed for the benefit of the country anf if Gen Kiani is requested to stay for one more year, it is expected that his response will be positive.

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