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Sunday, September 8, 2013

Indian Man Marrying Hundered Of The Times Arrested

In the Raj Nand Village of Indian province Chatees Garh, a man has been arrested who tied knot more than hunderd times to get money from the government. Forty-seven year old Vijay Gaj told the media after arrest that he did not remember how many times did he marry. Police has registered case against under fraud, and trerachery act. Government had announced to pay Rs. 6000 to the couple to encourage inter-cast marriages. Later the money was increased to Rs. 25,000 and then during 2011, it was raised to 50,000. Police has taken into its custody several fake-stamps and certificates. The accused used to present documents in the court for marrying some girl and got the money. Vijay says doing it was not so easy. I had to arrange a girl for marriage and then had to make her agree to be his wife. Then we presented ourselves in the court of collector with the request to tie court marriage knot. Afterward, we used to present photos of ours as husband and wife and got the money.

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