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Friday, September 20, 2013

News And Views--{Friday Sept 20}

*-- Suggestions should not be given on the issue of talks with Taliban. decision will be aken on this about talks keeping in view the soveignity of the country--- Interior minister *-- Prime miniter will leave for New York on September . Meeting with Man Mohan Singh is expected. *-- Illegal arms in Karachi should be recovered whether curphew is needed for his. Karach is the hub of illegal weapons, more han 4 million illegal weapons exist in karachi. Arms are entering in he counr from russia, India, America and NATO through launches via sea. How alarming it is that rocket launchers and ani-craft guns are being sold on shops in Karachi and explosives are available to get in Defence. chief Justice *-- Pakistani rupees exchange rate may more go down and it may be of 110 a dollar. Book makers and money exchange mafia are involved in his business. Dollar may reach to the level of rupess 150 within one year. *-- Seven more accused including brother of Hanif Abbasi have been arrested in effedrine quota case. *-- head of Taliban Hakeem Ullah Mahsood has demanded he details of 50 prisoners. He wants to know whether they are alive. Javed Ibrahim Parachi has informed Mahsood after meeting all the 50 prisoners. *-- Protests continued against the death sentence of Abdul Qadir Mulla in Bangladesh. *-- Military operation against Ekhwan ul Mislamoon coninues in Egypt. Twenty people have been killed. *--Two more patients died of MERS in Saudi Arabia. The death toll reached to 49. *-- Negative roles are assigned to Muslim actors in Bollywood to give bad image of Muslims.--- Ahmad Ali *-- Ohmi Aeysha of Nigeria won the Miss Muslim World contest held in Indonesia. *-- Sri Devi will appear in new Talago film to be releasedsoon. *-- An absent minded news anchor on English TV channel read news from paper taking it as tablet. *-- A French man set record of cycling at a speed of 163 miles per hour.

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