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Thursday, September 26, 2013

Robert Pattison Finds New Girlfriend

Robet Pattison reportedly has new mystey girlfriend. While the Twilight hunk has been doing the stealthy job avoiding being spotted with his new mystery woman over recent weeks, his cover was blown on Tuesday. The couple have been working out together for weeks as the 27-year- old bulks up for movie Mission: Blacklist. His new girlfriend flashed a megawatt smile as she walked back to her Ford SUV, dressed in three-quarter black leggings, an aqua tank that revealed a bright pink sport bra underneath and purple and green sneakers. Pattison also showed up at a Las Angeles party with a "girl-next-door-type" Brunette, according to Radar Online, which is apparently a sharp contrast to the " Cheat-with-the-director-type" brunette he dated before. "they turned up asround midnight" saod an onlooker. "they were cute together. At one point he was talking to someone and she wandered over and grabbed his hand and pulled him over near to pool. Their hands were all over each other". Since Pattison is intelligent, sincere and trustworthy, we would say the chick has majorly scored. It seems that Pattison is officially off the market.

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