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Wednesday, September 18, 2013

Facebook Apologises On Publishing A Dating WebSite's Ads

Popular social website Facebook has apologised on publishing a ad of a dating company that gave a picture of 17-year-old girl who committed suicide. The 17-year-old girl miss Pasons resident of Nova Skosia province of Canada committed suicide in April when her picture of rape by four men was published. Her mother told that after her picture was published she was so much harrased that her daughter committed suicide. Facebook has blocked the account of the company and banned it on Facebook. The spokeperson of Facebook said that it was unfortunate example that the company got a picture from internet to use it in ads. The spokeman said it was a open violation of our policy and the ad has been removed from the page and comppany has been banned for ever. The Facebook apologized the family for the trouble and tension. The ad of the company was " Search your love in Canada". But now the company is not online. The mother of victim told that her daughter was raped in a funtion where due to over drinking she became fainted and seseless. The picture was accidentally online and others boys started to sdend her daughter messages for physical contacts. Her mother told TV channel CBC. Her daughter got fed up of her life and ended it.

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