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Sunday, September 15, 2013

TV Host Julie Chen Admits Her Eyes' Plastic Surgery

It takes a lot of courage to go on national TV and share your deepest secrets with million of strangers. But that is what the hosts of The Talk have doing this week. Among the biggest bombshell? Julie Chen's admission that she had plastic surgery 20 ago to make her "Asian eyes" look bigger for TV. Chen. 43, revealed Friday Sept, 13, what it was like to get out off her chest and out into the world. " I felt vulnerable and nervous that haters who hide behind their computers on the internet would come out and say mean things". The veteran journalist told Us in a statement from her publicist. "And some did. That was expected." Those negative reactions, though were balanced out by an overwhelming amount of support. " I was pleasantly surprized by all the supportive emails, tweets, and postinmgs from our shows' viewers, who are not Asian but told me they understood my story" she continued, " to them I say thank you." The Chinese-American television persoality also got encouragement from some folks a little closer to home." " I chickened out of telling my mom before the show aired what my secret was".she confirmed. " I was overwhelmed with love and relief when she sent me email right after it aired, saying she and my father could not be more proud of me." Chen's parents, in fact, helped her cope with the secret first time around. Speaking on Wednesday Sept 11, about underdoing plastic surgery asan aspiring anchor in Dayton, Ohio, she told her co-hosts in the Talk that she vand her family had agonized over the decision. "We had a long discussion if it would be denying my heritage', she explained. It spread to my entire family. It divided my family. Members of my family wanted to disown me if I got it done." Even so, she has no regrets." No one is more proud of being Chinese than I am" she said. "And I have to live with the decisions I have made, Every decision I have made,"It got me where we are today and I am not going to look back."

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