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Thursday, September 26, 2013

Taliban Propose Imam e Kaaba To Be Mediator Between Pakistan Govt And Taliban

taliban Have propsed Imam e Kaaba Sheikh Abdul Rahman ul Sadees make mediator for talks with Pakistan government. Government also hinted to agree for the Imam e Kaaba's guarantee and mediation. While Taliban have started working on 25 point-deman list after as against 10 point demand list earlier. The demands consist of handing over dr Shakil Afridi to Taliban and release of Dr aafia Siddiqi. According to sources Nawaz government is ready to talk on six points out of 10 pont demand list, presented by Taliban on September 15. The points government agreed to talk on include: release of Taliban leaders, withdrawal of armed forces from tribal aras on the guarantee of peace, transfer of administrative powers to tribal notables and payment of compensation money to the affectees of drone attacks and army operations. The other non-logical demands will be deleted the mediation of Imam e Kaa'ba. It is noteworthy that the services of Imam e Kaa'ba were obtained before the Rd Mosque operation in Islamabad. But, a big question arises whom government will hold talks with? which group? Hakeemullah Masood's group? TTP or Jindullah.? If government talks to one group other will attack Pakistani installations or worship places as in Peshawar church, or Imam Bargas or mosques or markets. Government must include a point that whom it is talking to should take the responsibilty of controlling other groups, if they want to restore peace, really in Pakistan..

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