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Monday, September 30, 2013

Forced Marriages Protection Order To Be Amended In England

The "Forcd Marriages Protection Order" is under consideration in Britain. Under this new amended order, if implemented, hundreds of Pakistan -born Muslim families will be in trouble.The law would not allow parents or any man or woman to to compell British boy or girl for foreced marriage. Neither parents can take boy or girl out of Britain for forced marriage. Any citizen or parents if violate the law, police will take action against them and court will issue marriage protection order, immediately, if proved sentence to two years imprisonment along with fine will be imposed. The main reason for giving protection to young citizens of Britain was the registration of thousands of complainsts during last few years against parents and relatives who wanted to get them married to those men oe women whom they do not like. They also said that how they could marry a boy or girl whom they did not see even throughout their lives. Recently, Judge Of London high court Mr Justice Holeman hearing a case in this regard issued a verdict to bound the British government, " Parliament should amend the law of forced marriages as soon as possible so that violators may not avoid sentence". Though court released two accused Pakistani women gave remarks that if law would have no teeth how it would bite the alleged. It is noteworhy that this law was constitited by British government in 2008 to discourage the trend of forced marriages of British citizens that are taken them to their home countries for marriages. The countries mostly include Pakistan, India, Bangladesh, Sri Lanka, Arab countries, African and East European. The news published in the British media indicate that Pakitan is on top regarding forced marriages. Out of cases of forced marriages so far reported 60 % related to Pakistani-British families. Media report say that under preplanned programs the forced marriages cases reach to peak during summer vacations. Analysts say that parents want to hide the mistakes they would have done during their younger lives and would settled in Westen countries . Now hhey want to get rid of western culture and life to compell their childern for forced marriages, but time has changed and they can not undo the mistakes by marrying their children in heir countries with with in families of their relataves in thier homelands.

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