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Sunday, September 8, 2013

Arab Countries Offereed To Bear All The Expenses If US Attacks Syria

The US secretary foreign affairs John Kerry told the committe on foreign affaiars that several Arab countries offere to bear expenses if USA attacks Syria and removes Bashr Ul Assad. He said this very important offer and it seems how much Arab cpountries are serious for US attack on Syria. Among the other Arab countries Saudi Arabia is also included. SDaudi Arabia had born the expenses when Bush regime attacked Iraq. It means our own Muslim countries of enemy to each other, why to blame USA. Why Saudi Arab and specially Prsian Gulf States are in the thinking that USA is their friend and it will never attack them. Iraq, Afghanistan and now Syria are going to burn in the fire of civil war that will never end as in Iraq. Now, on the top is Saudi Arabia, day will come when USA fleet of warshps will be heading toward Saudia to attack. Muslim countries do not have unity and USA will destroy one after another. Here . Iran can be appreciated that it did not down its knees to USA and is carrying out what it thinks is in the best inbterest of the nation. Though, it is Shia country but it has sympathy with the Muslim Ummah more than the Kings of UAE and Saudis.

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