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Saturday, September 7, 2013

Rawalpindi Police Officials Tried To Molest Teenager Girl

Two police officials took a 13-year -old girl resident of Rawalpindi, forcefully to a flat in Islamabad and tried to rape her. Her elder sister Shumaila Parveen in Rawalpindi told that her 13-year-old sister is studying in a scholl of Islamabad. She said one day she did not return home in time and we started searching her, meanwhile we received a phone call from I-9 Islamabad police station and police official asked us to come to police station. Shumaila said that according to her sister who was sitting with her boyfriend Adnan in a park, she said two police official came and mader her friend flee and took her to a flat near Holy Family Hospital in Islamabad. Where they tried to repe her and after herscreaming the owner of the flat came and got her rid of the culprits. According to Shumaila, her sister was returning home from the flat when both the police officials chased her and wanted to take her with them again, but an official of Islamabad police caught one criminal while other ran away. The casse against both the police officials has been registered in Police station new town and they have been arrested. The SHO Malik Rafaqat of Police station station told that medical test of the girl has been conducted and further investigation is being carried out. Actually, what can be concluded from the story that freedom of the girls and no check of parents on their children cause this sort of incidents. The girl who was only 13-year old had a boyfriend and was sitting with him in park and may be they have doing some indescent actions. So the police was right to arrest the girl but if they attempted to rape her that waas wrong. However, the girls like her have the same fate. Now she claioms that she got rid of them safely but that may not be the case and the officials may have been successful in their attempt. This is all due to TV dramas, Indian and western culture shown on the TV. Which side our siciety is going to. The men arenot to be blames as much as women are. They themselves invite men when they roam in the pasrks and restaurants with full make uo, with out hijab and in half sleeve shirts or tight jeans.

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