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Wednesday, September 18, 2013

Talks Between Government And Taliban Have Initiated And Agreement Will Be Done Soon--- Javed Ibrahim Piracha

PML{N} leader Javed Ibrahim Paracha has claimed that talks between the government and Taliban have begun and ceasefire agreement will be signed soon. Different Taliban groups have made contacts with each other and the result will come in the shape of an agreement. Javed Ibrahim said that I will bring to the dialogue table any group including Maulvi Fazllullah that is hesitating to come to talks. He said I guarantee for Fazlullah and Qari Zia Ur Rahman who has 40,000 army in Bajuar agency that theywill join talks. Paracha said those who slaughter people have no concern with Isla. Shia, Sunni, Brailvi and Devbandi all sects are fighting against "Kufr". He said all groups will sit in the dialogue, he added that in our 2000 year history dialogue and "Jirga" never failed. He said that separation from "American War" may be announced and differentiation should be made between culprits, terrorists and fiathfuls. Dacoits, culprits and agents of RAW have come in the name of Taliban. There is great difference between real Taliban and terrorists. Taliban never attacked mosques, public places or Shia's Amam Bargahs and nor they accepted responsibility of any attack of this kind. Taling in a private TV talk show, Paracha said he was not reprtesentingh Taliban but want to say only that kilers, butchers and terrorists must be recognized. He said today he wanted to bring the fact on record that "I myself caught several non-muslims with beard having dollars, arms and costly vehicles in their custody. I caught Pushto speaking Hindus with beard in Afghanistan". He said tax was collected from brides in Miran Shah against which Taliban movement was started. Taliban initiated their fight agiant the molesters of children and women. Taliban will identify culprits during the talks.

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