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Monday, September 9, 2013

Reasons For High Divorce Rate In UAE

The UAE has one of the highest divorce rates in the world because of lack of love between the married couple, polygamy, violence by husbands and other reasons, according to the government Marriage Fund. "The high divorce rates among the Emiratis are no longer confined to newly-wed but to those who are married for a long time. Most of the divorces take place among the 18-23 age groups" said Aisha Al-Huwaidi, an expert at the fund. "The most important reasons for the divorces include the lack of love and ansence of understanding and dialogue between the married couples, poor religious motivation, the socoial and cultural gaps, violence by husbands and marriage to another woman." Another expert Moussa Saeed said the large part of the divorces result due to financial problems on he fround as the living standards normally decline after marriage. In a pevious study the Marriage Fund said that more than fifth of the marriages involving national spoces in tghe UAE end up with divorce. It said that it meant that the UAE, the second largest Arab economy has the highest divorce rate in the oil-rich gulf. In 2011, marriages involving local spoces totalled 10,008, including 7553 national couples, 1,798 native men and foreign women, and 737 local women and foreign men. Excluding foreign couples, divorces totalled 2,181, accounting for nearly 21.6 percent of the total marriages, the highest divorce rate in the six-nation Gulf Corporation Council {GCC}, the report showed. Divorces in mixed marriages were much higher than those in local marriages, accounting for 27.2 percent in 2010 compared with 19.2 percent among national spouces. Divorce was highest in marriages involving local husbands and foreign wives, standing at asround 32.4 percent. Divorce was lowest in marriages involving foreign husbands and national wives accounting for 15.1 percent. Following are the 10 key reasons cited by the Marriage Fund for highest divorce rate in the UAE:- *-- Social and financial gap *-- Selfishness *-- Lack of coherence and love *-- Absence of dialogue and understanding *-- Interference by relatives *-- Violence and husbands' tendency to dominate *-- Failure by the couple to shoulder the responsibilities *-- Dominance of consumer culture in married life *-- Poor religious motivation *-- Marrying another woman

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