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Friday, September 20, 2013

Former Indian Ar,y Chief Paid Rs 10.25 Million FromSecret Fund To Topple Umar Abdullah's Goverrnment--- Indian Express

Indian Newspaper Indian Express has published a secret report that indicated thet former army chief general V K Singh had paid Rs 10.25 million out if secret to topple the government of Umar Abdullah in occupied Kashmir. This money was was paid to a minister of the cabinet to make another chief minister of the statew in place of Umar Abdullah. The paper's report also shows that V K singh also paid money to an NGO not to make his follower general Vikram Singh the chief of army. his NGO through another organization filed an application against Vikram Singh of a fake clash in Kashmir in the public interest. According to report general V K Singh had established an unit in the military that purchased machines to tap phones in Kashmir. The secret unit used these machines for illegal tapping in important areas of New Delhi. After the leaking out of the news these machines were wasted. Paper wrote that an enquiry committee of defence has recommended that theenquiry should be conducted by external deparment not within the Defence. Defence ministry hass also confirmed the receipt of the report and said as report relates to national security so government will taketep afte looking at it thoroughly. General Singh retired last May and last week he attended BJP rally of retired military officers with Narindar Modi. He may join his party. Whereas, Modi said it seems a consiracy against singh as he is going to join his party.

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