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Friday, September 13, 2013

Additional Staff Of Pakistan Internatiuonal Airlines Will Be Fired Through Golden Hand Shake

Once PIA and Pakistan hockey team were the recognizing symbols of the nation. Hockey team has been already crashed and could not qualify for the world cup. While Pakistan International Airlines has been destroyed by the political government and thousands of staff has been appointed on political basis that receive millions of rupeees with out doing any work. An army of pilots is employed and 100 pilots to one plane is the ratio. Federal government has now approved the stage-wise privatization of PIA. According to sources, the additional employeees will be shunted out through golden hand shake and afterward its assets will be presented in the open market for sale to lighten the burden on the organization. In this regard PIA will be divided into two parts PIA 1 and PIA 2, initially along with the selling od its shares. PIA 1 will be operative and 10 new planes will be leased to keep it funtionaland will have 5000 employees. The PIA 2 will be non non-operative and will include grounded planes and additional staff. The PIA 2 will be closeed after discharging its employees, compusarily, through golden hand shake by June 2014. The PIA 1 will be improved and will be presented and presented in the open market for sale. PM has approved its 26 percent shares to be sold.

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