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Wednesday, September 11, 2013

The Queen Of Scandals Veena Malik's New Publicity Stunt

Veena Malik who is fond of new scandals and want to remain in the news all the times, innovates new ideas for publicity stunts. This time she kept the statue of 'Hindu God' Jagdesh in her house to make her hindu fans happy. The Pakistanis sould ignore her this "unislamic acts" otherwise her purpose of the publicity will be fulfilled. As much as Pakistanis take her scandals on social media, she gets glade. She is not Muslim but "Murtad" So can we say something to the followrs of other religions. But government musy ban her entry into Pakistn She is not Pakistani. She demames the nation and country every time . She is that pros who has changd religion Has no Allah fering, otherwise other pros' have fear of Allah and reconize HIm.

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