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Sunday, September 8, 2013

A Secret Deal Between PML{N} And PPP Has Been Revealed

A secret deal between Pml and PPP has been disclosed in which it was agreed upon just after elections and at the time of formation of government to allow Zardari to complte his tenure of office and to appoint chiarman NAP two weeks after the completion of tenure of Zardari's presidentship, as well as raising no trouble for the government. In turn, PPP agreed not to challenge election riggings in the election commission and higher courts and not to take up Asghar case. According to sources, the secret deal which was named as "mutual agreement" was finalized and PML agred to provide protection to Zardari in his cases for some time. During the process of formation of government when Chaudhary Aitazaz Ahsan and Latif Khosa announced to challenge poll riggings and filre petition in the court for implentation of Asghar Khan case, PML contacted PPP leader Khurshid Shah, after which leaders of both the parties met and finalized the deal. In which PML guaranteed not to create any difficulty for Zardari's government. till the completion of tenure of Zardari as president. Sources say that there were 12 corruptiion cases against Zardari, out of which 8 were dropped and 4 cases were in the courts when he took oath as president. These cases got frozen when he entered in presidential palace. There was no possibility of heasring or filing refeence of the cases because appointment of chairman NAB was delayed. Now after the end of his tenure the old four cases will get restored in the courts that were hearing the cases. In which Zardari is accused of corruption. All the politicians are the chips of the same bundle. They provide protection to each other. And all collectively damage the nation's exchjequer and the country.

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