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Thursday, September 19, 2013

Aeysha From Nigeria Won The Muslim Beauty Pageant

The Beauty contest consisting of Muslim women was held in Djakarta, the capital of Indonesia. went-one year Obetiti Aeysha from Nigeria wonthe title of "World Muslima 2013". During the final phase of the contest 20 finalists contestants highlightedthe Islamic values while demonstrating Islamic Fasion. When the name of winner Aeuysha was called she recited a Quran Surah weepingly. She willbe provided the visit to Mekka Mukarrama and Medina Munawwara besides awarding 2200 dollars as a prize. She had said before the contest that she wanted to show the world thast Islam is a Beautiful Religion. An online compaign was initiated for the desirous to participate in the contest. Five hundred contestants participated in the initial round while 20 were selected for the final round. Wearing veil was compulsory for the participants and they had to narrate the story about their beggining of the veiling. Female contestants from Iran,Bangladesh, Brunei, Malaysia and Nigeria participated in the pageant. They were trained in religious values including offering Fajr prayer and reciting of Holy Quran in the morning. TV newscaser Aka shanei had srare this contest based on Islamic values some three years ago. She was fired from service for not removing scarf. Talking to AFP about holding this contest before final of Miss World that its purpose was to tell the world that Muslims women are role model for females. Indonesia which is the largest Muslim country in the world has to host Miss World Pageant in Bali on September 28.

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