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Monday, September 9, 2013

Chaudhary Aitazaz Ahsan Wrongly Recited Sura 'Akhlas' Twice

Our country which is called Islamic Democratic Republic Of Pakistan was acheived in the name of Islam. The slogan at the time of patition was that the country that we will get will have Islamic laws where Muslims will be free to practice Islamic arkan i.e. prayers fast and other basic norms of Islam Now, it is seen that Islam is left with poor people who offer prayers, keep fasts and perform Hajj. The leaders who have to lead Pakistan do not even know Kalma Tayyaba or Kalma Shahadat with out which one can not be a Muslim. How this country will get rid of troubles where the VVIPs do not know and can not recite a single Sura of Quran and specially Surah al- Ekhlas which Muslims recite several times during 5 time prayers. Rahman Malik, Chaudhary Nisar and now Aitezaz Ahsan wronly recited the surs e Akhlas. Before theadress of president Asif Ali Zardari in Bilawal house Aitezaz Ahsan was performing as stage secretary and tried to recite himself. When he wrongly recited Surah, senator Ghazanfar Gul and others demanded to recite again. He again wronly recited Sura Akhlas. Even Indian actress Sushmita Sen is far better than these Muslims who recited sura Al Asr correctly and also read the ranslation of it.

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