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Friday, September 27, 2013

The Attackers Of Police Station And Cantonement Came Across The Border---Indian Interior minister

As was expected Indian interior minister has alleged Pakistan for the attacks in occupied Kashmir on police station and cantt, in which 13 army pesonnel including Indian lt colonel were killed. The attackers clad in military uniform attacked police station inn didtrict Khatore of accupied Kashmir and after killing six persons took truck from the police station and attacked with latest arms on nearby dividion military hedquarter and killed 7 military personnels. According to Indian news Agency the responsibility of the attack was accepted by "Shuhda Brigade". The spokesperson of fighting group in occupied Kashmir Sami Ul Haq told Zee TV that attacke was carried out by his mujahideen. What Indian army is doing in Kashmir, this was the reaction of atrocities by the Indian Army in the area. BJP has asked Indian PM not to meet Pakistani counterpart in NEw York. However, the meeting would bring any positive results as usual. Indian prime will repeat his slogan that Pakistan should stop terrorism in INdian. So if this meeting is not held it will be nice. Just half an hour ago, A five-storey building collapsed in Bombai on Dockyard road and 50 people have been burried under debris. This attack has been conducted by "Pakistan", the Indian allegations will come out after few hours.

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