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Sunday, September 15, 2013

Christian Priests Will Be Allowed To Marry

Wooried about the bad deeds and new sexual scandals of priest all over the world every day, pope of Rome has decided in priciple to allow priests to marry. A high level meeting of Cardenials has been called under the chairmanship of Pope Francis, in this regard. Pope has hinted toward the sexual assaults by the priests in the world with smaller children. The assistant of Pope in Vetican city Arch Bishop and new secretary of Vetican city Petro Peroman has admitted that the trend of sexually misleading is increasing among the "bachelor Priests", serving in the churches, throughout the world. Therefore, Pope Francis will ask their colleaugues and senior aides whether to allow priests to marry. Recently, the right hand aof Pope Francis and Cardenial Joseph Vesolueski, who was working as ambassador od Vetican to Latin American country Dominican Republic, was involved in assaulting at least 10 teen agers. But, Vetican cunningly called him back to Vetican before he was arrested by Dominican authorities. The bad deeds of Joseph forced the higher authorities of the Rome Church and priests to think about the issue sderiously. They are thinkoing to change the church rule that continues since centuries. Vetican church has paid billions of dollars as fine in America, Canada, Britain, Australia, Austria, Spain, Ireland, France, Germany and several African countries for immoral activities of its priersts. Former Pope Beni decut and his brother Rotarings were also alleged for molestating children. While, present pope Francis has himself admitted that the cardenials of spiritual training center has a strong group that runs gang of children assault. Therefore, pope is taking a revolutionary step tp allow priests to marry. A famous paper " Losarveto Romano" published from Veican has confirmed that priests appointed by church are banned to marry and remain away from women since many centuries to high light spiritual sanctity for reliigious activities, but the alleged immoral activities and sexual assault cases against priests are being proven for the last four decades. So, Vetican hs pricipally decided to allow priests to marry and creat the family, instead of remaining bachelor. Because bachelor priests have damaged the image of the church. This is only way to save the church from being defamed. the daily Washington Post has written in a report bthaty the possible dedcision of permitting priests to marry will come like a fresh air. It is noteworthy that the " Bachelorate Law" for all the popes, cardinials and priests was promulgated in 304 AC which has been running till today.

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