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Saturday, September 21, 2013

Maulana Fazal Rahmans Life Is In Danger, He Should Be Provided Security In Sindh--- Federal Govet

Why federalgovernment is so anxious about the life of Fazal Rahman He is certifired Maulana, he is religious scholar, trust in Allah, he believes that one day is fixed for death tha no body can save person's life. Why the governmen is wooried about the prcious life of Maulana. Taliban are his friends. Who will kill him. If so he will be martyred and this is the wish of every Muslim Pakistani. Religious scolars every day preach for getting martyrdom.So, government should not worry. Maulanais is so der to federal government that federal government has written a letter to Sindh government to provide him the security to save the life of Maulana during his visit to Sindh. Meanwhile, secret agencies have sent a report to Sindh government that defunct Tehreek e Taliban has planned to target sensitive installations, security agencies' offices and government properties. For which they were getting national identity cards.

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