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Monday, September 30, 2013

Nawaz Sharif And Man mohin Singh Meeting

A day before meeting with Pakistani prime minster, Manmohin Singh said every thing against Pakistan that could make his Hindi public and party happy, in the address to the UN General Assembly. he conveyed his low Hindu mentality message to the world declaring Pakistan a terrorist country, center of terrorism, factory of terrorism, and terming Kashmir the unbreakable (unseparable) part of India. He said intruders enter from Pakistan to carry out terrorists activities in India. That is what his Indian people wanted and he was successful in posing Pakistan a terrorist country to the world. Earlier he complained to the US president obama about Pakistan. Afte that what was the need of meeting with him , only just to invite him for the visit of Pakistan that he will never do. What results have come out of the meeting. Only one thing that Nawaz Sharif said, if it is true and is not the exagerration of Sartaj Aziz that Pakistani prime minister asked Indian counterpart to stop interrution in Baluchistan that never was clearly asked for. Nawaz Sharif could not find courage to say the Indian Prime minister to solve the issue of Kashmir according to the resolution of UN. The dailogues, trade, diplomatic friendship with India all are meaninigless till the Kshmiris are not given their rights. Did Sharif asked Manmohan Singh to withdraw forces from occupied Kashmir and stop the genocide of Kashmiris. I think the present government wnts to forget the Kashmir issue and is desirous of friendship with India on all costs, may be the sacrifice of Kashmir. Peace can never come to the region till the Kashmir issue is not resolved. India can not attack Pakistan, if it does so Pakistani forces have the potecial of defending itself. Indian nation is coward, attack from behind, have no courage to fight face to face. Then why our leades are scared? Of course, war is the worst option for any country specially like Pakistan whio has falling economy but if forced by India to do so so, Pakitan will never rtreat. Pakistan Zinda Bad Pak Army Paenda Bad. LOng live the Pak Army Long Live Pakistan.

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