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Tuesday, September 17, 2013

News And Views Brief--- Tuesday, Sept 17

*-- Attack on army officers will affect the results of All Parties conference-- Imran Khan. It looks like the talks between Taliban and the government has difficulties in its way after martyrdom of military high commond. *-- No body should think that the conditions of Taliban will be accepted. Withdrawl of the forces from South and North Waziristan was thecentral point of the condition of Taliban. Taliban are posing themselves to be powerful than the government and want to exclude military from the dialogue process. This will never happen and so will be talks. Taliban will continue attacking civil and military personnels and installations. They are self sufficient in terms of money and arms. supported by several foreign powers. Government should ignore all other Taliban groups and should talk with Mulla Umar. The actual Taliban may make comeback after the withdrawl of NATO forces from Afghanistan. Mulla Umar group is sincere to Pakistan. others are plasying in the hands of India and Israel. *-- People have given mandate to PML for dialogue with India--- Nawaz Sharif. But that mandate is only for dialogue on Kashmir not for friendshi on the cost of upper-handedness of India and making India a most favorite nation. Giving benefits to India ine form of trade. The Kashmir talks should be the central point of the agenda of any dialogue, if India wants to hold dialogue seriously, not misleading PPakistan and the world, as before and as it does always. And wants to start the game again after several years from the secretary level meeting that reaches to foreign ministers levels and then breaks it making some baseless excuse. *-- Secret powers have become active in the election compaign and want to defeat Maulana's party in NA TAnk And NA Lakki Marwat--- Fazal Rahman. He said that PTI had been using government sources in the election compaign. Maulana forgot that when his party member Akram durrani was chief minister of KPK , He used to go to Abdul Khel {D I KHAN} in helicopter for Eid Greetings to Maulana. Was it Islamic to use government sources for personal use? *-- International Monetary Fund{IMF} will monitor the performane of important ministeries of Pakistan. Government will be bound to submit the details of the income and expenditures of the ministries. Why IMF does not monitor the expenses of the parliamentarians, president and prime minister house. It means the ministries will be run on the directives of IMF, in broader sense even Pakistan. Why we elect PM and MNAs and PMAs. No need of elections. World Bank and IMF will efficiently run Pakistan. Pakistani people will see no change whether they asre under elected members or IMF and World Bank. *-- Chief minister Parvez Khattak of KPK will quit his secretary general office of the party. It is expected that speaker provincial KPK will also do so. *-- Dr Imran Farooq was killed on the attempt of constituting new political party. His murder was a planned conspiracy. Investigations are being done open-mindedly. London Police *-- In an attack on Washington Naval base, USa, 13 people have been killed. Clad in military uniforms 3 persons opened blind fires. Though USA says one of them was a fired naval official. But, the attack was just the kind of attacks on Kamra airbase and Faisal airbase in Pakistan.. It clearly shows the style and type of attack of Taliban. The Taliban leader Aima Uz Zawahri had called upon his fighters, a few days back, to initiate small scale attacks on the military and civil installations within the USA to weaken and to shake its economy. USA must be ready for other attacks and should manage its home first and then look for the human rights violations in the world. *-- Importers have signed agreements for release of Turkish movies in Pakistan, after objections on Indian obseene pictures. Trkish film " Mohabbat Eik Ittefaq" will be rteleased thoroghout Pakistan from October 4. Turkish actress will participate in the premier. *-- Film story writer Rukhsana Noor has constituted a film company namely " BUsh Films" in the USA. *-- Eighteen year Raheema from Uzbekistan reached to participate in World Beauty Contest with out qualifying for any national beauty title. Adminisistion got stunned on her cheating. However, her name is pasted on the government website as Miss Uzbekistan and participant of the World Beauty contest. *-- France has developed color changing nail polish. *-- Selena Domez and singer George Shelle have become friends. They spent time together in Purtegal with the members of their band Uninin Jay. They are seen in one anothers company allthe time.

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