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Wednesday, September 25, 2013

Miley Cyrus Goes Topless For Rolling Stone

Miley Cyrus is laying all out thee- in more ways han one- in the Oct 10 issue of Rolling Stone. Posing topless on the magazine cover, the "We can't Stop " singer, is very picture of good girl gone bad. The risque shot shows Cyrus leaning against the edge of a pool, her arms crossed over her chest just barely cover her cleavage. Thick blabk eyeliner is smudged around her eyes and her blonde hair is slicked back to reveal buzzed sides. As is her wont lately, she is sticking out her tongue licking her bare shoulder while shoting a sultry gaze at the camera. Inside the magazine the former child star even reveales more of hrself-metaphorically at least. She fearlessly tackles her controvertial performance of VMAs with Robin Thicke, her relastionship with Kenye West ( whome she calls homie) and her thouhts on what critics are saying about her sexed-up new image. She tells Rolling Stone, "people are like" Miley thinks she is a black girl, but she has got the flattest ass ever. Referring her VMAs performane she said Thicke was not necessarily supposd to be hot, I was not tryinng to be sexy, if I was trying to be sexy, I could not have been sexy, the self-proclaimed "semi-nudest" says. I can dance a lot better than I was dancing.

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