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Monday, September 16, 2013

Argentina Police Has Arrested A 19-Year-Old "Superhacker"

Poolice authorities in Argentina said that they has arrested a 19-year-old guy who had been stealing thousands of dollars by hacking computers. Police said this super hacker was the leader of a group of hackers. This guy used to work from his bed room and was earning 50,000 dollars monthly. Police had to shut off the electricity of the whole residential block suddenly so that he may not delete his data from the computer. They said that it took one year to detect and arrest the hacker. TYhe hacker lived with his father in Buenese Ires. A member of investigation team told an Argetinian newspaper that they thought the boy along with his brother startd the hacking and his parents never asked them where was that money coming from. Police has recovered 7 high quality computers from his bed room. The super hacker will be tried for three allegations, if prooved he can be sentenced more than 10 years prison.

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