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Thursday, September 5, 2013

Political Parties Are Involved In Extotionists' Activities In Karachi--- Intelligence Report

DG ISI Lt Gen Zaheer Ul Islam brief the the prime minister in high level meeting under the chairmanship of Pm that political parties are backing the extortionists. DG rangers maj Gen Rizwan Akhtar told the PM that they had 9000 officials and if they ate given free hand they can clear Karachi from criminal elements within one month. He also requested PM that if we arrest extortionists and kidnappers, political parties should not make noise and political pressure may not beaccepted, DG rangers also presented list of 4500 criminals to the PM and sdaid if these people are arrested Karachi will be peaceful and law and order situation will be restored. Intelligence agencies revealed in the meeting that Tehreek e Tasliban has also made its place in Karachi and Jindulllah and Alqaeda are involved kidnapping for ransom and other crimes. The agencies also said that several defunct groups are also worsening the peace of Karachi, Lashkar e Jhanghvi and Liari gang have links with each other. The officials told that 458 such target killers and crime elements have been seasrched out who are backed by political parties and sectarian groups. The gist of the meeting was that political parties themselves are responsible for the worsening law and order situation in Karachi and their own groups are target killing the people in Karachi. When any criminal is arrested they make noise and put political pressure on law enforcing agencies and get them released. How Karachi can be calm and peaceful. A non-disceriminatory action will be needed to clear Karachi from criminals.

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