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Friday, September 6, 2013

Imran Khan: Where are Your Austrity Measures In KPK?

In the Khyber Pakhtoon Khaw province the coalition government of PTI has appointed 32 provincial assembly members as parliamentary secretaries and set a new record, in the history of the province. A statement issued from the chief minister's secretriate says the Governor KPK with the consultation of CM has appionted two special assistants to CM along with appointing 32 parliamentary secretaries. It is noteworthy that KPK assembly has 120 assebmly seats while ruling party PTI with five party coalation government occupies 80 seats. Among the 80 members 61 in one or other way have some office. According to the website of the KPK assembly there are 14 ministers, 32 parliamentary secretaries, four advisors and seven special assistants. If speaker, deputy speaker and PM are counted then the number reaches to 60. Among the newly appointed parliamentary secretaries majority belongs to PTI who had made forward block, within the assembly. It is not clear yet that what previleges they would have, however at least it is unbderstod thsat they have been given political bribery to avoid any rebellios lobby against the PTI in the assembly. Under the 18th amendment provicial government can not keep more ministers than quota. So, the members are bestowed in this way. The change PTI has been claiming in the election compaign doers not seem in the province. All the methods the previous government has been adopting PTI is following the same. It is certain that expenses will incurr on the offices of Parl secrtetaries, how a poor provoince will affored the perks and previleges of the army of ministers and asdvisors. Imran Khan: KPK people have trusted you, fulfill their expectations, otherwisec you will vanish from the politica scene for ever. Do not be like others. Bring change that can be seeen and be visible. The government of KPK is test case for uoy. Either you pass the test or fail and disappear from Pakistani politics.

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