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Wednesday, September 25, 2013

A Report About Muslim Massacre In India After Partition Has Never Been Revealed

During partion of Pak India sub-continent in 1947 nearly half a million people were killed around the border but a year after in the central India a huge massacre occurred but its report was kept secret till now. During the month of September and October of 1948 thousands of Muslims were killed by Indian army in Hyderabad state. These Muslims were made stand in ques and shot brutally. Report about this inhuman killings was never disclosed since 1948, though critics have been crticing for hiding the report. Hyderabad state was one of the 500 Indian states that were independent and had Muslim majority. All the other states that came under Indian rule were ready to merge themselves with Indian teritory but Nizam or Prince of Hyderabad state wanted to remain independent, This ws unaccepted to Indian government that a Muslim state in the center of India may not come under its rule. The matter could be solved through mutual undrrstanding but Indian tolerance got exhauted and the Indian the then Prime Minister Jawahar Lal Nehru ordered Indian army to enter into the state in September 1948. Though this was called a "police action" but actually it was Indian army's operation. The Nizam army wa defeated with few days and Indian army started ablazing the shops of Muslims, houses , killing innocent people and were involved in sexual assault. Prime minister constituted a team including members from from different religions under the leadership of Congress member Pandat Sundar Lal, to probe into the reports of Muslim massacre. The team visited several villages in the state and talkded to the people and submitted a report to the government that never came to light. Sundar Lal said that hey had collected the evidences of army violence on Muslim people, they saw wells filled with dead bodies including women and children. On some places army itself killed peole set houses and shops on fire and on other places they encouraged Hindus to kill Muslims and molestate muslim women. Army disarmed all the Muslim population while Hindus wre provided arms for killing Muslim population. According to Sundar Lal report Hindus even ablazed Muslims dead bodies and thus 40,000 Muslims were killed. No official stance came about non publishing of the report which is kept in Nehru Memorial Museum and Library, New Delhi. Recently media urged the government to make the report public so that world may know about the criminal activities of Hindus and Hindu state. Therefore, we say the Hindu is the enemy No 1 of Muslims and Pakistan. How can he be friend now? specially of Pakistan. India can be friend os Pakistani leaders but can not be friend of Pakistanis except Hindu mentality people living in Pakistan. We always say the people who love India should go to heir beloved country. Why they play dual role, they haveer been tanis since August 14, 1947.

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