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Saturday, September 14, 2013

Latest Rankings Of World's Best Universities

United States and United Kingdom dominate to top, Pakistan and India are nowhere in 100 even. The United States comes out on top in an authoritative list of international University rankings published Tuesday, with the Massachussettes Institute of Technology {MIT}and Harvard University lesadin g the way. MIT came top of the QS University Rankings for the second-year running, while Harvard displaced Britain's Cambridge University to take second spot on the 2013 table. US institutions made up six of top ten, while four remaining place being filled by the British universities. The QS rankings included record number of UK institutions in the top 20. with Edinbugh and King's College making their first appearances. According to the study the graduates from Oxford and Cambridge wre the most employable in the world. The rankings take into account the subject range, research results and academic reputation offered by 3,000 institutions internationally. Pakistan's Quad e Azam University is at 119 and National Institute of Science and Technology {NUST}, Islamanabad, both are ahead of Bombai University, which is at No 140.

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