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Saturday, September 14, 2013

Iran Has Decreased The Stock Of Enriched Uranium

Showing lineancy on its earlier stance about nuclear conflict Iran has decreased its stock of enriched uranium from 240 kilograms to 140 kilograms. The 100 kilograms enriched uranium has been changed into fuel for medical research reactor, and it is said that the remasining uranium will also be changed this way. It is noteworthy that Western countries have been demanding Iran to quit the enrichment of uranium , completely, however, Iran inspite of all the threats and santions contued the process of uranium enrichment up to level of 20 percent. This level of enrichment could be upgraded to 90 percent that is used for making nuclear bomb. In a meeting with Russian president Putin, Iranian president Hassan Rohani said that Iran wanted a peaceful solution of nuclear conflict. He said that Iran could only guantee to remove the reservations of world powres, if the rights and interests of Iran are also taken care of.

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