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Monday, September 9, 2013

Jennifer Aniston Escapes From Being Asaulted By Rapist In Gritty New Movie

Coming off the box office success of comedy 'We are the Millers' in which she played a stripper-turned housewife, Jennifer Aniston continues to make riskier choices in Daniel Schetcher's Life Of Crimes-- in which she fends off a would-be rapist. The flick will be the Toronto International film Festival's closing night event on September 14. Based on the novel Switch by the laye Elmore Leonard {Justifird, Get Shorty}, the movie serves as prequel to Jackie Brown which was adapted for screen by Quentine Tarantino- in Life of Crime. Aniston , 44, plays the wife of a wealthy Detroit developer who is kidnapped for ransom money by two ex-cons Yasiin Bay and John Hawkes. In one particularly harrowing scene, she is nearly sexually assaulted by one the villains Richard played by Mark Boone Junior, in the sequence Junior rips off her bra, although Aniston stays cevered up. Much to everyone's relief, Mickey is able to kick her way out of the entanglement and escapes with the help of Gara {John Hawkes}.

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