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Sunday, September 8, 2013

Short And Brief---News And Views{ Sunday, 09/08/2013}

*-- Zardari's presidentship ended and politics started. Zardari said he does not wish to be prime minister nor president in future but will new leadership ahead. Zardaro will be given farewell dinner today. Newly elected president Mamnoon Hussain will take oath of office tomorrow. *-- In a high level meeting under the chairmanship of prime minister in Jati Umra, army chief, Dg rangers and Dg ISI briefed the PM and an amendment in the anti-terrorism act was decided. Agenda for All Parties Conference has been decided. PM ordered to block all the illegal and unregistered SIMs {Subcriber's Identification Module}. It is astonishing that the directions for blocking the unregistered SIMs several times in the past, but still millions of these SIMs are active and working. Will this time PM's orders be implermented? *-- Two minor news can bring a greater changes. Iranian Interior Minister has condemned Holocaust and congratulated Jews on new year. Of course, this looks like a great change in the views and thinkings of Iranian. It is a positive sign for the peace in the region. It was never done so, in the past. Now it will be seen what would be the response of Israel. *-- The members of assemblies in KPK have become active for Hazara province. Resol;utions will be moved in senate, national and provincial assemblies. Privincial government has assured not to create any dinderance in the way. Then Saraiki belt will also come forward with its genuine demand of a separate province. *-- Proposals have been finalized for dialogue with Taliban. Taliban will not be asked to disarm themselves. Agreeing to the demands of Pakistan government they will be paid money and will be given safe way. However, government will continue its operation against those who follow foreign agenda and damage the country and kill the people. It is nice, peace must be restored in any way in the country. *-- The PIA's first Hajj flight with 501 intending Hajis on board will leave Lahore for Jedda. *-- Obama said Syria will be attacked at any cost, but the war willnot be long. In his radio address he said we can not close eyes on the pictures who were victims of chemical weapons, The purpose of attack on Syria is to stop it from using chemical weapons. *-- The opposition alliance of fundamentalist has won the geneal elections in Australia. Australian Prime minister has admitted defeat of his party. He called opposition leader Tony Abbott on phone and expressed his best wishes to him. The politicians of free and independent nations follow the priciples and rules of the country. Do not accuse election commission or opponents that brings bad name to the country. *-- Wicket keeper Zulqarnain has decided to step into fasion industry. *-- The video of new song " Aa ray Aa ray" of "Baisharam" has been released. *-- In the USA a 3-year-old boy stunned the people with his expertise of surfing on the coast of California. *-- NASA has sent a space mission to moon once again. *-- Japan has developed a flower that will shine at night. *-- Forty-two percent students of Howard University have asdmitted copying and cheating on the eraminations. *-- Annoyed of the church bells a New Yorker has sued the churches.

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