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Friday, September 27, 2013

Dumped Lover Sends Nude Images Of Student To Her Parents

Married man maligned girl and her new boyfriend in an anonymous letter. A 50-year ols teacher who was indulged in an affair with one of his students was dumped by his young girlfriend in favour of greene pasture, or in this case a younger man, reports Asia One. The dumped lover wanted his girl to drop the new boyfriend and toward this end turned up at her residence unannounced and harrased her till she told him she was no more interested in him. The married teacher could not accept the insult and decided to take revenge. He sent seven nude images of his 24-year-old student, taken during their affair and sent them to her parents. The letter was sent annonymously and its cotents even maligned the new couple. In the letter the man, who is also a father to teen-aged daughter, claimed that girl's new boyfriend wanted to get her pregnant "and inherent her parnt's money and properties". The man also insulted her former student and said she was "vey loose" and had body odour as well as low intelligence. The victim's elderly father broke down when he saw the contents of annonymous letter. It anguished not only the victim but but also those who were privy to the content. The court handed a three week sentence to the man for distributing "obsecene materials" and hurting the sentiments of a lot of people with his premeditated act.

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